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Re: [challenge/normal/medium]Shipwrecked Full Version
« Reply #75 on: June 14, 2018, 14:18:34 »
I have found out that Shipwrecked, which is one of my favourite levels of all times, has been reuploaded recently on the Levels Archive, around 9 days ago, along with the Dying Core.

You may have noticed that it appeared at the same time as 130 other old levels. They appear roughly in alphabetical order and have all been released previously, but outside of knyttlevels.com. Some, like The Machine, don't really have a reason to be on the site at all. We've been speculating about it on the Nifflas Discord server and concluded that they were probably all uploaded by an unknown third party and have not been updated by the original authors. In some cases, like Frozen Mountain 2, it doesn't even appear that the latest version of the level was uploaded. Hope this helps!