[Challenge/Misc] Boot Stamping On A Knytt Face Forever (New Team Member 6/30/09)

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Wouldn't that have been a terrible ruse; a cold-hearted contrivance to disappoint all? Create a giant metaphor where we all believe in this great and powerful system - superior to any of its kind, only to reveal it was never what it seemed, and in fact suffer the same fate as Winston Smith? The name of the project a direct homage and foreshadowing of it's fate?

... That's not this project, but I bet quite a few people would hate me if it were so.  X)

Everyone can rest assured that just because you haven't heard from me in some time, does not mean I have given up or even forgotten about BSoaKFF.
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If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

- George Orwell


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O, if 'tis true let joy be sown and ne'er
be forgot. Pay no heed to utt'rence--dismay
suits us not. Ia! The Bard will give pleasure!

I always come back at least once a year to see if this project, or even just this thread, is still getting updated. I'm definitely not going to stop any time soon


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"boot stamping on a knytt face forever" is in my top 10 knytt stories level names (this list is not available for querying at the moment) so even if it is dead as a door nail it's still pretty good
Previously known as canteven / ncrecc.
We were waving our arms out the window
Of a fast-moving passenger train
Acting in an irresponsible fashion
Until the engineer whose back had been turned
And who we thought would find us highly amusing
Quickly swiveled his head around
And his face which was a paper-white mask of evil sang us this song