Cutscenes-Seminar by Earthbound

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Cutscenes-Seminar by Earthbound
« on: February 17, 2009, 16:11:14 »
quoted from Earthbound015 from the old forum:

Hello everyone!  I decided to post this out in the open as I still see more and more people asking about shifts and flags.

Okay, this level is a little bland, but its for teaching use only, lol.

okay, first, I made a line of shift A's.  I did this so it is impossible to get around the cutscene.  I then went to the knytt stories manager and set the following settings to Shift A:

Shift On Touch
Do Not Quantize
Autosave Game
Flag On - Flag 0
Sound Effect - None (unless you want one)

This is all I set for now, we'll come back to the other settings in a bit, but fiiirst, we need to make a copy of the screen we are making the shift on, so, simply press Ctrl+C to copy and move to a blank screen and press Ctrl+V to paste everything there.  Beautiful.  Now erase those Shift A's on this screen, we wont need them here, also delete what ever it is you dont want here also, like I have deleted the people and the sign.

Now we get to use wonderful Flags!

Go to your System bank (Zero) and find object 20 (Four arrows in square).  move to the left of your new screen and place one in the corner of this screen.  Now go two screens over to the right and place one in the corner of that screen.  These will be our flags, lets set them shall we?  Go to your Knytt Sories Manager and do the following:

Select Flag A
Select Flag 0 From the drop down box
Enter the number 1 in the Map Y box

(You must do this in both screens [left and right of the pasted screen])

Now go to the screen with the Shift A's and the people.  Put a Four arrow square there in the corner also then set it up like this:

Flag A
Flag 0 in drop down box
Map Y - -1

What this does is lets the game know that once the cutscene has been triggered it needs to activate the warps.  These warps will send you a screen down but when you go to enter the cutscene screen again, it will be the pasted one with out the cutscene and everythign else you have gotten rid of.

Now lets go back to the screen with the Shift A's and go back to our Knytt Stories Manager and set the following settings:

Map Y - -1
Cutscene - whatever cutscene you made. If you even want to use a cutscene.  You do not need to use one, I'll post this level without the cutscene also.

This will send our friend Juni up to the same screen, without anything on it.

This should be all you need, you may want to make a test level like I did to get the feel of what I'm saying.
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