Need some people for a project

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Need some people for a project
« on: August 18, 2009, 18:08:10 »
I'm working on a large challenge level. And i need areas. And i'm so lazy, and its a large project, and i cant make something at least a bit difficult (except for the boss in this project) so...

Well, i just need the areas... i have named them. And please no bosses. Remember that the player gets run, high jump, double jump, umbrella and all keys at the beginning (before Floranus) and that you aren't allowed to give them any more powerups.

These are the areas i need:
(in this format: name, difficulty. structure suggestion.)
Floranus the grass world, easy. Small is allowed.
Aquataki the sea world, easy. Maybe a bit maze-like but not too much
a-maze-ingness. Should have much objects from bank 1
Uppertus the sky world, normal difficulty. Maybe a small maze at the end.
Hotsep the sun world, normal difficulty. Should have more of bank 1, objects 14 to 17 than stuff on layer 3.
Grounds the rock world, hard difficulty. Maybe at the beginning an underground cave that has much small tunnels and empty areas kinda and in every area (except for the tunnels)
1 enemy (just 1) and after the cave something on the surface or something.
Mekkano the machine world, hard difficulty. Much wind should be acceptable.
Lunasky the interplanetary world, very hard difficulty. May have some
small planets.

So, who taeks teh jobz? PM me plz. Or reply here.

[mod]Since this is a forum, participients can better reply here instead of sending a PM.[/mod]

Yeah its a stupid idea. I added somethin to the PM me plz because of the OMGAWESOMESAUCE intelligence of the best people EVAH (i mean the Mods)
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