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Title: PSA: This game is about to become worse
Post by: kilicool64 on August 30, 2017, 15:33:10
Given the Wii U's failure, Nintendo should truly be grateful to developers like Nifflas and NapNok Games who not only bothered to support the platform with quality titles despite its small user base, but even utilized its features in creative ways. Same goes for those who supported said developers by buying their games. So how does Nintendo reward these people? Why, by butchering their games of course!

On November 7th/8th, Miiverse will shut down, permanently disabling features of over 100 games, including this one. As a matter of fact, someone at IGN just wrote an article ( about this in which he named this game the most tragic victim of Miiverse's upcoming closure. While I have not yet played it, I've heard from multiple sources, including some of its developers, that its finale depends heavily on Miiverse and would be a lot less memorable without it.

So if you want to experience this game the way it was meant to be played, this is your last chance. As for me, guess I'll have to scrap together some money to buy a Wii U within the next months. Was planning to wait a few more years until it's cheaper, but as Nifflas is my favorite game developer, I don't want to miss out on whatever that thing that'll soon disappear forever is.

Title: Re: PSA: This game is about to become worse
Post by: kilicool64 on November 02, 2017, 02:00:26
True to my word, I did indeed buy myself a Wii U a few days ago and just finished the game.

Now that I've seen the ending, I'd say the article at IGN was exaggerating just a little bit. I don't think this is a greater loss than some games losing their ability to share custom levels, though it's still pretty sad. The game's usage of Miiverse is a really neat gimmick that's firmly baked into the ending. The offline version of it just can't convey the same magic, even if it handles it as best as it can.

However, the game's story, as entertaining as it is, is pretty minimal and definitely not the main draw to the game. Its real meat lies in the gameplay, which won't be affected by Miiverse's closure.

Still, if you have a Wii U and haven't played this game yet, it would be best to do so now rather than later.

Title: Re: PSA: This game is about to become worse
Post by: kilicool64 on November 08, 2017, 21:49:19
And it happened. Nintendo killed Miiverse.

I just tested the game to see how it reacts to this. On startup, it now greets you with an error message stating that Miiverse has shut down. And as expected, you now always get the less memorable offline version of the ending, even if online features are enabled.

A few hours before the shutdown, I downloaded some noteworthy pages from the game's Miiverse community, including one that will be of particular interest to those who want to see what the ending's online version was like. Will upload them when I have the time.