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Title: KU Java Editor alpha - nothing too exciting
Post by: AA on March 21, 2013, 21:49:41
I've been working on adapting the KS Java editor to work with Knytt Underground, and this is what's come of it now. It's somewhat usable, but not really tested, and has important stuff missing. The reason I'm releasing it now is that lately I haven't had much time and will to work on it; I'll resume development eventually, but since I don't know when, at least there's something to try out if you want.

I'll add some instructions on how to use the editor later. All you can do right now is edit the stuff inside the World.bin file, i.e. room/tile/object/sprite/robot placement and settings (I'll write the details later). The big stuff that's missing is showing object animation (since the editor is in Java, I couldn't animate the rooms like in Nifflas's editor; I'll show them in the Object Settings dialog only, in later versions) and sprite recolouring (I haven't figured out how it works yet). ( ( (

Please note that this is an alpha version, and it might not work correctly: do not use this editor with the full game, use a portable demo installation instead (or, even better, a copy of that) unless you want to risk losing game data.

If you're interested, the editor source is included inside the .jar.

Attached is also a minimal test level with a single room (instructions on how to use it are inside the archive)


The editor always starts at x0y0 coordinates; you can navigate the rooms by clicking on them on the mini-map or with the arrow keys (hold Shift to move 10 rooms). You can 'create' a new room by editing an empty block.

The default edit mode is Tile Mode: click to place the currenly selected tile; click on the Delete Tile button (red crossed square) to toggle Delete mode (or use the Tab key). Click on a tile on the tileset panel to select it, or use the WASD keys; click on 1, 2 and 3 to switch between the three room tilesets (or use the Q and E keys). Use the combo box below each tileset to change the current tileset. Below are more room settings: Tileset Background (don't know what it does), gradients to colour the background, delimiters (affects the map), room type (save, item, quest, etc...; don't know which is which yet), red/green/blue (determines if the room is available in the 3 chapters of the game).

Click on the tabs in the upper right corner to switch edit modes (using 1, 2 and 3 was supposed to work as well; will fix this later).

Object mode has a list of the objects in the current room with their ID; you can add an object into the room by selecting the object type from the combo boxes below (category and object name) and clicking. Select an object from the list and an outline will appear in the room: drag the outline to move the object; click on Remove or press Delete to remove the object (confirmation pop-up). The Edit button opens a dialog where you can change some settings (will add the animated object in there later). Duplicate simply copies the object, with all its settings, in the same position.

Sprite mode is more or less the same, only for Sprites and Robots: they have different settings than Objects (maybe I'll have the correct image for Robots later instead of an icon).

Ctrl+C/V to copy/paste an entire room; Ctrl+Delete to delete the current room (no confirmation). Ctrl+S saves the level and backs up the previous version (up to 3 backups, named WorldX.bkup).

Sound Settings and Edit Script are self-explanatory. Currently there's only a basic text editor for scripts, and there's no music player to test the sounds.

EDIT: changed file hosting service and made small fixes to make the editor load the Infinity Hype update

EDIT: corrected JLocator repaint/update

EDIT: avoid completely empty sections in World.bin (the Windows version of the game doesn't like them  :^^:)

Edit by LPChip: Attached the zipfile, its only 500kb, and stickied the post.
Title: Re: KU Java Editor alpha - nothing too exciting
Post by: AA on October 26, 2013, 09:04:28
Sorry for the bump :/

The only things added from pre-alpha to alpha were testing and a caching system to avoid loading the whole map in memory: this makes the editor use less RAM when started and reduces initial loading time, but slightly increases the first loading time for each room, as well as saving.

I'd love to have some help for sprite colouring. The other missing features are just a matter of putting some effort into this project, which I'm still lacking. I also wanted to get a new level out before that, but I'm still out of energy and ideas for the endeavour.