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Title: Read me before you post!
Post by: Miss Paula on April 04, 2009, 14:24:30
Welcome to the Other Free Games forum.

Since we've had this forum in the past and there's been a lot of demand for it, we decided to add it back.

The reason we kept it off was due to the spamming that occurred.

Important information:
The sole reason of this forum is to post a game because you played it and think others should play it too. If you see a game but haven't played it, don't post here! Play it first. See what it is like, then post following the rules stated below.

Posting rules:
When you make a post for a game, it must meet the following rules:
Breaking the rules:
If you fail make a post following these conditions, your topic will be deleted, even if there are replies in it. So basically that would be a waste of time. We will not warn or send a PM. It'll be *poof* gone. Not even locked.

Posting template:
To make things easier, here's a posting template you can use. Copy/paste the following text and fill in the missing parts.





The above rules are the mimimum that you need to post about. If you wish to add anything to it, feel free. :) You're not required to use the template btw, but it makes things easier.

Happy posting. :)

EDIT: Changed the Screenshots location to be in a spoiler. That works better. :)
EDIT2: Added second last paragraph.
EDIT3: changed that you may attach screenshots. It wasn't mentioned at all, but it wasn't mentioned that you cannot either. X)
Title: Re: Read me before you post!
Post by: LPChip on November 29, 2009, 20:08:53
Since I see a lot of new free games popping up that aren't following the posting rules, I'd like to point em out one more time. If you fail to follow them, your topic gets deleted.