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Title: The Ultimate Knytt Level
Post by: MelvonDD on February 02, 2011, 06:26:19
I don't know how well this will work because i dont know if this will really catch anyones attention.Anyway,when was the last time you played a knytt level with variety,that was fun,and had a nice difficulty turn just for those people who are insane enough(y'know,like the japanese gamers).Well idk because im not you,but i want to try and get a group of people together to make a ultimate knytt story level.I want it to have a great memorable story,cool characters and alot of other things,y'know.I want it to be called the best knytt story level ever(not literally).Plus i kind of need to work on my directing skills or w/e >_>.So before i even splurge my ideas and what not,can i like get the attention of some people,because i mean its kind of lonely here in this little hole im in.

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Title: Re: The Ultimate Knytt Level
Post by: Miss Paula on February 02, 2011, 12:39:41
moved to collaborations which seems to be a better fitting place.
Title: Re: The Ultimate Knytt Level
Post by: Widget on February 02, 2011, 12:43:08
 O_o Erm...

Well, first of all, I've seen your levels on the archive and even played a few. While they're not perfect, some have been quite entertaining and show a lot of promise. Welcome to the forum!

It sounds like what you want is to make a sort of... "composite" level. A fabulous story, beautiful scenery, solidly challenging. Maybe a maze too? And loads of fiendish puzzles?  ;)

The main reason a group of people (like this forum, f.e.) won't agree on "the best" level is that different people enjoy different kinds of level. It's to Nifflas' credit that KS allows for such a range of preferences to be catered to but they tend to be mutually exclusive. There are plenty of people who like exploring environmental levels, just as many people need a challenge to keep their interest. Those two preferences can't really be catered to by a single level*. The level of challenge will always divide people (even if it's no challenge at all).

* Technically, it could be done but it's prohibitively labour-intensive. One would need to create a "difficulty selection" screen in which a player could choose which types of level they enjoy (challenge, puzzle, maze etc.) which would require a lot of work with flags, shifts and multiple copies of the screen itself. Then you'd need a copy of your level drawn out for each feasible combination of choices, each painstakingly crafted to be an exemplary level of it's type, without any one of them breaking the atmosphere and story you've chosen to show.
Title: Re: The Ultimate Knytt Level
Post by: MelvonDD on February 02, 2011, 17:34:53
Yes,i understand how to pull it off and that is kinda the reason i want to do this,because i want a knytt story level that has everything in it.This is also why i want a group of people who have made different levels to help out with it because i know if i try it alone,for one:it won't be as good as it could possably be,two:it would probably go unfinished and forgotten,and three:I want this to be like a ending to knytt stories since its kind of dieing down.I want a level that uses up all the tilesets(that may be far fetched),has custom objects with animations and y'know all that great stuff.I can go ahead and do the things that other people don't feel like doing,like cover up the purple rooms and everything.And i know it won't be easy because i want it to be at least 48 hours of gameplay time,so thats going to take some time,but honestly i think i should double that because i could do a 48 hour level on my own.
So yes,i wish i could say i've been thinking about this for a while but i just came up with it.Im willing to go for it,and if i can get help from like 30-50 people,we can make a knytt level that is fun and is for everyone(and probably confusing like hell in the editor...).

-also,did reply right?-
Title: Re: The Ultimate Knytt Level
Post by: Salmoneous on March 27, 2011, 07:38:22
30-50 people

Wouldn't hope for it. There aint so many people around.