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Title: Encyclopedantic
Post by: Pick Yer Poison on May 07, 2010, 06:24:44

Encyclopedantic (found here ( is a game involving a wiki, and anyone who likes to make up bullshit while staying within simple guidelines should consider it.

Each player takes the role of a scholar working on a knowledge database. You are crank, irritable, and don't think much of the other scholars on the team; however, you are all honest scholars and will stick to the facts, as defined by previous entries.

There are currently three people playing (myself being one of them). I highly encourage everyone to check it out. If you want to join, simply make a post on the MSPA Forum in the thread I've linked to up near the top, and Mr. Eldritch (our GM) will happily receive you as a new scholar. :thumbsup:

The wiki we're working on is the Terraprime Historical Wiki ( The only page I have written so far is the one on Bioware Enhancements (, although to be fair I've been on the team for less than a week so far.